30 December 2014

The Konecranes BOXHUNTER is the RTG reinvented. Now the operator sits and works in an ergonomic, heads-up position. He works in a cabin down at the truck lane, with direct line-of-sight to the main truck loading and unloading action.


Deal signed for Konecranes BOXHUNTER RTG

Konecranes is pleased to announce the signing of the first BOXHUNTER RTG deal. The customer, CGM, located in South-East Asia, has developed an exciting new kind of business concept involving the BOXHUNTER.  

CGM is a company that has developed a new, out-of-the- box concept for goods storage, based on containers, with the potential to reach across Asia. Many small to medium-sized businesses need to store goods and equipment away from their own premises in a secure manner, such that the goods and/or equipment are easily accessible. Traditionally, the companies catering to this need have built brick and mortar facilities to store goods. Now, CGM is doing away with the need for not only brick and mortar but also for warehousing and the associated logistics by utilizing ordinary marine shipping containers, stacked compactly in an open-air container yard, to securely store the goods and equipment of its customers.

Mr. Tun Tun Win, Owner and CEO of CGM, says: “With this business concept I can quickly and cheaply set up facilities and operations, and start serving customers at very competitive prices. It’s also a good fit with the upcoming dry port projects in the region. It’s so simple. When I saw BOXHUNTER, my idea became reality and I’m very excited.”

In this ingenious business concept, the customer rents one or more containers at the CGM facility, and stores goods and/or equipment in them – securely, because the facility has strong perimeter security. Unauthorized access is not allowed. The stored goods are protected from inclement weather. Marine shipping containers protect their contents on ships during storms at sea, so they certainly protect their contents on land.


But how does the customer access his container if it’s stacked up high somewhere in the container yard? Simple: the Konecranes BOXHUNTER brings it to him. BOXHUNTER serves customers in a constant flow, bringing containers to and from the receiving area where customers access their goods. The BOXHUNTER operator quickly climbs into the cabin when a customer calls. The cabin is located low on the machine so climbing in and out is fast, easy and safe.

In the container yard, BOXHUNTER stacks one-over-five containers high. Container density is extremely high and cost-efficient for this type of business concept. A single BOXHUNTER can serve a very high business volume, represented by the number of rented containers and the customer flow. When the business grows, another BOXHUNTER can be purchased to serve the growing volume.

BOXHUNTER also does ports 

BOXHUNTER is an enabler of the ingenious CGM business concept described above, but it’s also ideal for traditional container port operations. Mr. Kimmo Nyman, Sales Director, Konecranes/Port Cranes APAC, said: “BOXHUNTER is also an excellent RTG for traditional container yard operations at both sea ports and in-land depots.” 

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