To keep costs down, BOXHUNTER is modular and standard to an unprecedented degree in the RTG world. You are free to set the dimensions. But the rest of the crane doesn't improve with tailoring.

Click here for the BOXHUNTER datasheet.

Dimensions with max. 1 over 5 and max. 7 + lane, mm8 wheels [16 wheels]
Lifting capacity40.6 t
Max. lifting height (1 over 5) / Max. span (7 + truck lane)18100 mm / 27200 mm
Extension from leg centerline at diesel (with foldable platform open)/crane access side1140 (1900) mm / 1260 mm
Outside/inside clearance at bogie and e-house level29600 (30360) mm / 26138 mm
Crane width over bogie guards / wheel spacing in a bogie12198 mm / 2000 mm
Speeds, max., m/min
Hoisting with empty spreader / 35 / 40.6 ton load52 / 26 / 23
Trolley traversing70
Gantry travel with empty spreader130
Trolley4 wheel drive
Type of anti-sway system includedElectric
Type of micro-motionsSpreader
Skew/trim angle, degrees±5°
Bogies4 wheels driven
Tire size/pressure, bar18.00 x 25 / 9.5 [14.00-24/9.5]
Wheel load, tons with 1 over 5 and 6 + lane, max. load, no wind26.6 [13.3]
Control system
BOXHUNTER operating system
SpreaderReeved-in spreader with integrated headblock
CabinStandard Konecranes lift truck cabin
Operating equipment in cabinKonecranes graphical user interface, OP panel, controller
Video camera & laser scanning systemKonecranes
Default power supply
Diesel alternator setVolvo TAD1341GE, EU Stage 2, max 300kW
Main options
DGPS Autosteering / Auto-TOS Reporting SystemWith dual-antenna technology for accurate real-time heading info and rapid signal recovery
Diesel Fuel Saver SystemTwo-step included
Cable reel power supply instead of diesel engine / alternator3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 1–20 kV
Busbar arm power supply instead of diesel engine / alternator400–500V
Plug in trolley power supply instead of diesel engine / alternator400-500V