• 1
    Direct line of sight to the main job: loading and unloading trucks.
  • 2
    The main monitor for operating the crane with the video cameras. Proven remote operation concept from Konecranes Automated Stacking Crane installations.
  • 3
    The controller: precise fingertip control over all crane movement.
  • 4
    Crane Management System monitor showing e.g. maintenance mode and hoist values.
  • 5
    Comfortable chair, an important part of the superb cabin ergonomics.
  • 6
    Right pedals: change camera angles and blow horn.
  • 7
    Left pedals: Enable/disable sway control, change camera angles.


The BOXHUNTER operating concept is a first in RTG design and engineering. We took the Remote Operating Station (ROS) concept from our Automated Stacking Crane (ASC) system and adapted it for use in this new RTG. The BOXHUNTER Graphical User Interface is field-proven in a number of large Konecranes ASC installations around the world. It gives the operator total visibility throughout every container move, and all the essential information.

See BOXHUNTER in action here.